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Sunday Worship Service

We invite you to come join us for Sunday worship services, consisting of meditation and an African ceremony to God Almighty.  Sunday mornings from 10:00 am to 12:00 am at 15 Kennedy Street, Washington, DC. 20011.


Through our collective spiritual energies, we can be renewed by each other’s spirits and be better able to cope with today’s challenges.

40 Day Adae 
(All Dates Fall On A Sunday)


Akwasidae, Akan holy day. There are ritual offerings and libation for the Abosum, Akom with drumming, singing, and dancing.  Other holy days are Wukuada - Wednesday, and Fofie - Friday.  There are nine 40 day cycles for Adaes within the year.




Spring Rites - May

Spring Rites Celebrations are practiced throughout Africa under various names. It is a cosmic celebration that coincides with the Spring Equinox. It represents the period of equal days and equal nights during which the Earth is able to breathe with equal breaths (i.e., to inhale and exhale equal amounts of prana from the sun). This is a different occasion than winter, during which time there is an apparent death orabsence of life. During the winter the Earth generally takes deeper exhalations than inhalations; consequently, the nights are longer than the days.


Spring Rites Celebrations are, therefore, a celebration to life. Thus, apparent death, or the lack of abundance of energy, has only been a passing thing (i.e., life has been resurrected). It is for this reason that the Christian holiday of Easter (Jesus’ resurrection) was scheduled by the early church fathers to be during this time.


Spring Rites (during a 40-day period after the Spring Equinox) is the time throughout Africa, as well as amongst other traditional societies throughout the world, that we plant seeds and generally attune ourselves to the forces and vibrations that give life, harmony, balance, and peace within the universe. Through the process of community ritual “…our collective spiritual energies… can become more responsive to this seasonal change,” and they can enable us to meet the challenges of living in today’s society.


Tegare Akom/Festival -March


A celebration for the obosum Tegare, one of the guardian spirits of our shrine.Tega – also called Tegare or Tegani is from the Northern and Western part of Ghana near Upper Volta.Tegare was originally a hunter’s Deity and assisted in locating and catching game. He is said to havespoken and revealed himself through a piece of wood. Tegare – unlike Asuo Gyebi, Tano, and DensuYao et al – is more a Suman than an Obosum. Thusly, he resides in a man made clump of medicine or Suman. Tegare is a hunter of witches, lairs, thieves, and evil doers. When he catches an evil doer, that person falls ill until confessing and repenting.


Tegare is very honest, direct, and a great diviner, herbalist,and healer. He protects and helps those who ask. Though not commonly known, Tegare also will helppeople to have babies. He is a wonderful and popular Obosum who sings beautiful songs and is aspectacular dancer. He is fun, but never to be taken lightly as he is always watching you carefully. He is from the Islamized part of Ghana. He dresses in that manner and often carries Islamic prayer beads along with a throwing stick called aconite. He is a left handed Obosum and he does not have a menstrual taboo.Tegare understand alls languages and speaks Pidgin Twig, Northern Languages (Degaru, Hausa, Mossy,Dragoman, Ganja, et al) as well as Akin and English.


Spring Rites Celebration- Temple of Nyame 2024 final.jpg
Back-to-School Ritual -September

Temple of Nyame holds its annual Youth Back to School Ritual in September.


Water Ritual - September

This is a special ritual by the water.  The ritual includes singing, drumming, offerings and praise acknowledging the Water Gods.  This is a special time for prayer and healing for the community, family and friends.  A community feast is included.  Everyone brings something to share.  All are welcome.


Odwira (Harvest Ritual)/
Ancestral Akom - December

Odwira is a time of ancestral reverence and appreciation. It is also a time of the harvest, a celebrationof the first fruits. Originating in Ghana, it has been adapted for New World Africans so that we can celebrate and remember our family and historical ancestors.


Odwira is the sequel to Spring Rites as a celebration. During Spring Rites seeds are sown and crops are grown; during Odwira crops are harvested, and the ancestors are thanked for the blessings of the year. Helps ensure we can continue to be a strong part of the community.


The Temple of Nyame holds regular Sunday services (meditation and an African ceremony to God Almighty)
10:00am ~ Facebook Live

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