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The Temple of Nyame believes in the divinity of every individual. We believe that individuals are made up of a physical body, personality, soul and spirit, and that each person’s eternal and unchanging aspect is the soul (Okra, Ori).  The soul possesses energy or ‘Spirit’ received from The Most High and conveys it down to the physical body and personality as life, health and vitality.



The Temple believes and teaches as part of its philosophy that after physical death the soul returns regularly to earth, and as such reincarnates and establishes new personalities and identities as often as is necessary for an “awakening” to take place. This process, Reincarnation, is governed by the laws of karma which state: relationships are forever and issues never go away; “what goes around comes back around”; “the sins of the first generation fall on the second and third generation;” and that for every cause there is an effect. 



Sometimes these effects are positive; sometimes they are negative; sometimes they are felt and experienced in this life and sometime in the next. The Temple of Nyame’s philosophy states that every human being’s mission is the same: to actively and willingly seek enlightenment and awareness, an “awakening” as such, to the reality that one is soul and spirit and an exact replication of the Creator (Nyame). This mission is fulfilled completely as one consciously and willingly moves and merges the personality of an incarnation with the eternal in-dwelling soul or okra. This is the point at which the personality knows that “…I and God, and I and the In-dwelling Soul, Are One.”



The Temple teaches that the soul (okra or ori) is an exact replication of the Supreme Being of our solar system, known as the Solar Logos, the Black Dot,the Great I Am That I Am,  Nyankompon or Olodumare, et al. Further, it teaches that the God of our solar system, the Solar Logos, is an atom or part of a greater Logos, which is an atom or part of a greater Logos, which is a part of a greater Logos on and on into infinity, each of which passes down intelligence, awareness and consciousness to those that constitute the greater and infinite “whole.”  The deities (hosts, abasom, orisha, voudun, loa, neter ru, angels) were created to have dominion over various places and points in space and time, activities and principles. Amongst the responsibilities of these entities (hosts) is to assist human beings in working out their karma, and the day to day challenges, barriers, resistances and limitations of life. 



This assistance allows human beings to be freed up to focus on their universal mission in life: to become one with and rejoin the Solar Logos as an “enlightened one.” Most often this means either becoming a world savior and returning back to earth or of  influencing the evolution of human beings from the higher spiritual planes.  It also means being a co-worker with God (The Solar Logos) in the management of the affairs of our planetary system and beyond.


The Temple of Nyame teaches and promotes this philosophy and is under the tutelage of the Evolved Ancestors who exist on the higher planes of consciousness and who oversee, along with the assistance of the “hosts,” abasom, etc., our spiritual evolution, growth and development.


The philosophy and teachings of the Temple are that “Great I Am That I Am,” Onyankompon, the Solar Logos, judge us by what is in our hearts. Consequently, the Temple teaches, as part of its philosophy, that we must always keep our intentions noble, correct, pure and  in the loving best interests of all created life.  By following this philosophy, we can fulfill our ultimate mission: be in harmony with the Creator and be the “superhuman” spiritual entities that we were meant to be.  


The Temple of Nyame holds regular Sunday services (meditation and an African ceremony to God Almighty)
10:00am ~ Facebook Live

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